Indian civillization and culture summary


Indian civilization and culture summary 


This is an eassy by Mahatama Gandhi. He was born on 2nd Oct 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat.
He run many movements against the British with the help of truth and non – violence .” My experiments with truth ” is the autobiography of mahatma Gandhi.
In this extract Mahatama Gandhi has shown that Indian civillization is better than western civillization. He says that our civilization can not be beaten in the world because we are following the path that our ancestors made for us.Gandhi ji says that mind is a restless bird the more it gets the more it wants and remains unsatisfied. So we should not indulge in our passions. Gandhi ji forbade us to live in cities because there would be gangs of thieves and robbers who loot us. He persuades us that we should not adopt western civillization because modern civilization is the worship of the materials that make us lazy.
At last He says that he is not a hater of the west because european civilization is suited for the europeans but if we copy it it means ruin for lndia .

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