12th ⬇️English grammar⬇️ important question part-2


1. Choose the correct sentence:
A. One hundred rupees were paid to him.
B. Paid to him were one hundred rupees.
C. One hundred rupees was paid to him,
D. One hundred rupees had paid to him.

2. Choose the correct sentence:
A. They invited my friend and I to tea.
B. They invite me and my friend to tea.
C. The invited my friend and me to tea.
D. I and my friend was invited by them to tea.

3. Choose the correct sentence:
A. He was angry upon me,
B. He was angry over me.
C. He was angry with me.
D. He was angry at me,

4. Choose the correct sentence:
A. Let us stop playing now.
B. Let us to stop playing now.
C. Let us stop played now.
D. Let us stopping to play now.


5. Choose the correct sentence :
A. The poors are miserable.
B. The poor are miserables.
C. The miserable are poor.
D. The poor are miserable.

6. I promised ……. it by Friday.(Choose the correct option)
A. do
B. to do
C. doing
D. had done

7. She made the child ….(Choose the correct option)
A. to laugh
B. had to laugh
C. laughing
D. laugh

8. He is very busy……. for the journey.(Choose the correct option)
A. to prepare
B. to be preparing
C. preparing
D. being prepared

9. The custom of having many wives is called ………. .(Choose the correct option)
A. Misogamy
B. Polygam
C. Bigamy
D. Monogamy

10. Would you like ………. to market?(Choose the correct option)
A. go
B. to going
C. going
D. will go

11. My father taught me …………. .(Choose the correct option)
A. dance
B. will dance
C. how to dance
D. to dancing

12. Jenny …. tired.(Choose the correct option)
A. is
B. has
C. be
D. have

13. It’s too late… out for dinner.(Choose the correct option)
A. to go
B. will go
C. going
D. go

14. Choose the correctly spelt word:
A. Irrelevant
B. Irrelevant
C. Irrelevant
D. Irrelevant

15. I made . for her birthday.(Choose the correct option)
A. a cake to my daughter
B. my daughter a wonderful cake
C. daughter for her a cake
D. cake for her daughter

16. I …….. tennis every Sunday morning.(Choose the correct option)
A. playing
B. play
C. am playing
D. am play

17. Think I …… a new calculator,(Choose the correct option)
A. needs
B. need
C. am need
D. am needing

18. Choose the correctly spelt word:
A. Foreign
B. Foreine
C. Foreign
D. Foreign

19. nothing could be saved.(Choose the correct option)
A. Fortunately
B. Certainly
C. Hopefully
D. Unfortunately

20. What ….. you been doing?(Choose the correct option)
A. have
B. were
C. has
D. did

21. ……… the girl, there is a Peepal tree.(Choose the correct option)
A. At
B. Of
C. Behind
D. Across

22. There is no one present under ……. tree.(Choose the correct option)
A. a
B. the
C. an
D. some

23. A person who knows many languages is called a(Choose the correct option)
A. grammarian
B. bilinguist
C. multilinguist
D. polyglot

24. How many people ……….. in your family?(Choose the correct option)
A. is there
B. there are
C. are there
D. there

25. You must ….. this book(Choose the correct option)
A. read
B. to read
C. reading
D. had to read

26. One must do …….. work(Choose the correct option)
A. his
B. self
C. one’s
D. oneself

27. This car isn’t …… for us.(Choose the correct option)
A. enough bi
B. big enough
C. too big
D. much big

28. A person who does not believe in the existence of god is called ……. .
A. Theist
B. Atheist
C. Heretic
D. Fanatic

29. She can’t come to college as she ……. fever.(Choose the correct option)
A. having
B. has having
C. have
D. has

30. Choose the correctly spelt word:
A. Affidavit
B. Affidavit
C. Affidavit
D. Affidavit

31. ………. heavily in winter in Shimla(Choose the correct option)
A. It snows
B. It is snowing
C. It snowing
D. It is snow

32. Choose the correctly spelt word.
A. committee
B. committee
C. comittee
D. committee

33. The students …… about the weather.(Choose the correct option)
A. spoke
B. said
C. told
D. talked

34. I saw ……….. one-eyed man.(Choose the correct option)
A. a
B. the
C. any
D. an

35. He ……… completely.(Choose the correct option)
A. recovers
B. has recovered
C. recovering
D. have recovered

36. Choose the correct sentence:
A. He should guard from danger.
B. He should guard with danger,
C. He should guard against danger.
D. He should guard in danger.


37. Rita said, “Man is mortal”.(Choose the correct indirect narration)
A. Rita said that man is mortal.
B. Rita said that man was mortal.
C. Rita said that the man is mortal.
D. Rita says that man was mortal. [Ans-A]

38. We …… him the money.(Choose the correct option)
A. has paid
B. will paid
C. has pay
D. have paid

39. They ……… finished the work.(Choose the correct option)
A. has been
B. have
C. will be
D. having

40. A large sleeping room with many beds is called …….. .(Choose the correct option)
A. Bedroom
B. Hostel
C. Dormitory
D. Basement

41. Choose the correct sentence.
A. She lives in an apartment
B. She lives on an apartment
C. She lives at an apartment.
D. She lives to an apartment.


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