12th English vvi objective question 2023 part-1


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Class-12th English
vvi objective question

1. The Soldier is a ……….. poem. (Choose the correct option)
   A. love
   B. happye 
   C. nature
   D. war             

2. Macavity is called …….. . (Choose the correct option)
    A. The Hidden Paw
    B. The Exposed Pow
    C. The Naughty Paw
    D. The Mysterious Paw

3. Kamala Das in an poetess (Choose the correct option)
    A . American
    B. African
    C. Indian
    D. Nigerian       

4. The poet in Song of Myself……….. for himself. (Choose the suitable option)
   A. cries 
   B. sings
   C. laughs
   D. shouts         

5. Seibei’s wan interested in gourds.
   A. passionately
   B. affectionately
   C. wildly    
   D. emotionally       

6. Bharat in my home is an extract from the speech of.(Choose the suitable option)
   A. Mahatma Gandhi
   B. Dr. Zakir Hussein
   C. Sarojini Naidu
D. Krishna Menon       

7. John Keats is the poet of (Choose the correct option)
   A. Song of my self
   B. Snake
   C. To Autumn   
   D. The soldier      

8. I have just taken the oath of loyalty to the. (Choose the correct option) 
   A. Constitution of India 
   B. Constitution of England
   C. Constitution of America 
   D. Constitution of Brazil

9. English is not our…….. (Choose the correct option)
   A. mother tongue
   B. father tongue
   C. official language 
   D. emotionally language    

10. A Marriage proposal is written by…….. (Choose the correct option)
   A. Anton Chekhov
   B. Germaine Greer
   C Pearl S. Buck
   D. H. E. Bates     

11. Manohar Malgonkar is an ……… writer. (Choose the correct option)
   A. Indian
   B. Indo-Anglian
   C. African. 
   D. Australian          

12. .………… is a direct presentation of imaginative reality on stage. (Choose the correct option)
   A. Drama
   B. Rehearsal
   C Discussion
   D. Painting            

13. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is written by……… (Choose the correct option)
   A. Shiga Naoya
   B. Mahatma Gandhi
   C. Manohar Malgaonkar
   D. Martin Luther King         

14. ‘I Have a Dream is a part of speech delivered by (Choose the correct option)
   A. Germaine Greer
   B. Shiga Naoya
   C. H E Bates
   D. Martin Luther          

15. Papa please tell this gentleman whom the ……….. belong to us or him.
   A. Ox Meadows
   B. Fox Meadows
   C. Dog Meadows
   D. Cat Meadows          




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