12th 100 marks English vvi objective question part-2

1. The poem “Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe” is Composed by

   A. William Wordsworth

   B. John Donne

   C. W. H. Auden

   D. John Keats            



2. Nanukaka was the narrator’s- (Choose the correct option) 

   A. mother 

   B. cousin

   C. father

   D. maternal uncle          



 3. A Marriage Proposal is a act play. (Choose the correct option)

   A. one

   B. two

   C. three

   D. four         



4. I ……… myself to the service of these valuer.

   A. give

   B. take

   C. pledge

   D. sing        



5. I have a dream the dream is for the freedom or:

   A. Negro in America 

   B. Negro in South Africa 

   C. Negro in Indian 

   D. none of these         



6. The condition of Negro was:

   A. good

   B. troublesome

   C. appalling 

   D. none of these        



 7. Martin Luther advocate non-violent means

   A. struggle

   B. pight

   C. revolution

   D. none of these       



8. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great

   A. writer

   B. orator

   C. poet  

   D. leader       



9. “I have a dream” phrase is repeated

   A. two times

   B. nine times

   C. ten times

   D. twenty times      



10. Martin Luther asks Negroes to follow the path ……….. of. 

   A. reiolence

   B. non-violence

   C. racialism 

   D. capitalism        



11. Martin Luther King believed in the ultimate reconciliation between American and ……

   A. Hispanics

   B. Negroes

   C. French

   D. Indian           



12. What were the things needed to remove the discontent of the Negroes?

   A. freedom and Equality

   B. slavery

   C. bonded labour 

   D. inequality         



13. The first category of idea contributes to knowledge and …….. . (Choose the correct option)

   A. Technique

   B. intelligence

   C. books

   D. writing       



14. Seibi lived in a ……… town. (Choose the correct option) 

   A. harbour 

   B. distant

   C. remote 

   D. prosperous          



15. Autumn is a season of mellow ………. . (Choose the correct option)

   A. fruitlessness 

   B. no wind 

   C. no sounds of the birds

   D. fruitfulness           




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