“Bharat is my home”’ summary


Bharat is my home”’ summary


‘ Bharat is my home ” is an extract from the speech he gave in 1967 after taking the oath as president. Dr. Zakir Hussain assured us that he entered this offic in a spirit of prayerful humility and total dedication. He has just taken the oath of loyalty to the constitution of lndia.   Dr. Hussain pledges himeself to the loyatle of our past culture. He says education is the only instrument which can develop a man , state and nation.He talks about renewal and also says that it is possible only when education will be everywere. He says that ”’ Bharat is my home”’ and its people are my family.  According to him work has two aspects: First one is individual work and second one is social work. Both the work has the same importance. Both are mutually fruitful. Individual work makes a man strong ,moral and free. but at the peril he also needs the support of the society. social work has unity and power.


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