Bharat is my home vvi objective Q & Ans…

Bharat is my home objective question

1. Dr. Zakir Hussain took the oath as the.
A president
B Governor
C Minister
D Mayor
Anwser-: A

2. Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered his seppch in.
A 1966
B 1965
C 1967
D 1968
Anwser-: C

3. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in.
A 1969
B 1897
C 1967
D 1896
Anwser-: B

4. Dr. Zakir Hussain because the present of India in.
A 1969
B 1967
C 1966
D 1965
Anwser-: B

5. Was the role model of Dr. Zakir Hussain.
A Dr. Radha Krishna
B Dr. Rajendra pd.
C Indira Gandhi
D Sardar petal
Anwser-: A

6. Bharat is my home is written by.
A Anton Chekhov
B pearl S Buck
C Dr. Zakir Hussain
D Mahatma Gandhi
Anwser-: C

7. Is the prime instrument of nation building.
A Education
B Trade
C Foreign help
D Agriculture
Answer-: A

8. Brought a lot of erudition and wealth of knowledge to the presidency.
A Dr. Rajendra pd.
B Dr. Radha Krishna
C Gyani Zail singh
D N S Reddy
Anwser-: B

9. Dr. Zakir Hussain feels greatly obliged to the people of.
A India
B pakistan
C Bangaladesh
D Britain
Anwser-: A

10. Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered his speech in 1967 after taking oath as the.
A Govener
B president
C Chief minister
D Mayor
Anwser-: B

11. Said that Bharat is my home and its people are my family.
A Dr. Zakir Hussain
B Dr. Rejendra pd.
C Dr. Radha Krishnan
D Pratibha patil
Anwser-: A

12. Dr. Zakir Hussain was a great.
A Politician
B Leader
C Nationalist
D Thinker
Anwser-: C

13. Dr. Zakir Hussain took the oath of loyalty to the.
A Constitution
B People
C Nation
D Chief Justic
Anwser-: A

14. India became a Republic on.
A 25th Jan, 1950
B 26th Jan, 1950
C 26th Jan, 1952
D 26th Jan, 1951
Anwser-: B

15. The past is.
A dead and static
B Alive and dynamic
C useless
D harmful
Anwser-: B

16. The india culture is the best example of.
A Unity
B Deversity
C unity
D. disparity
Anwser-: C

17. The world erudition stands for.
A poverty
B Great knowledge
C Prosperity
D Greed
Anwser-: B

18. When did Dr. Hussain deliver this speech.
A On Independence
B On Republic day
C when he took oath as the president
D on Army day
Anwser-: C

19. Earlier he had sarved as.
A The Government of Bihar
B The chief minister of panjab
C The Government of West Bengal
D The Government of Assam
Answer-: A

20. Dr. Zakir Hussain entered the offic with.
A partiality
B total dedication
C enmity
D treachery
Anwser-: B

21. Dr. Zakir Hussain was long associated with.
A Business
B Education
C Art
D Game
Anwser-: B

22. The people had chosen him the head of the family for.
A Two years
B A certain time
C Fire ever
D Twenty years
Anwser-: B

23. As the president, Dr. Hussain advocated for the growth of.
A Certain religions
B The whole nation
C The rich only
D The poor only
Anwser-: B

24. Power should be used only for.
A Making money
B Moral purpose
C Own interest
D Material gain
Anwser-: B

25. Education is a prime instrument is a statement taken from.
A Bharat is my home
B Child is Born
C The earth
D Marriage proposal
Anwser-: A


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