Sweetest love I do not goe’ summary


Sweetest love I do not goe’ summary 


Sweetest love I do not goe’ is a love poem by John Donne. He is considered to be the pioneer of metaphysical poetry. Here , he has depicted the moment when he parts away from his beloved ‘ Anne More.
The poet is going on a journey away from his beloved and says his beloved not to be gloomy he would return soon. He compares himself to the sun and assure her that he will be successful in his journey.He things that man’ s power is very feeble and kneels down when his luck disfavours him. Also he persuades his beloved not to weep or sigh because she is a part of him. Lastly he advises her that when you remember me just feel we are turned aside. And that a true lover never parts away.Finally, it’s a praiseworthy poem of John Donne where he has beautifully expressed the situation that is created when a lover separates from his beloved.

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