Indian civilization and culture vvi Objective Q & Ans..


Indian civilization and culture objective question 

1. He wrote different articles for.
A The hindu
B The time of india
C The blitzer
D Young india
Answer-: D

2. Civilization point out to man.
A How to make money
B How to win the enemy
C The part of duty
D The way of living
Answer-: C

3. To observ morality is to attain mastery over.
A Economic growth
B political ability
C mind an passions
D Art
Answer-: C

4. The mind is a resuless bird which always remains.
A Hungry
B Unsatified
C Thirsty
D sick
Answer-: B

5. Happines is largely a.
A Mental condition
B physics condition
C disease
D imagination
Answer-: A

6. Mahatma Gandhi was more a.
A politician
B economist
C social reformer
D spiritual leader
Answer-: D

7. He used as the chief weapons.
A swords
B nuclear weapons
C guns
D truth and non- violence
Answer-: D

8. Our ancestors dissuadel us from.
A politics
B luxuries and pleasure
C morality
D spirituality
Answer-: B

9. People in ancient days were satisfied with.
A Towns
B Cities
C Mege cities
D Village
Answer-: D

10. In ancient days the common people followed.
A Business
B Agriculture
C Industry
D Politics
Answer-: B

11. Modern civilization is the worship of.
A Material
B Ethics
C Brotherhood
D Equality
Answer-: A

12 . Indian civilization and culture has been written by.
A pt. Nehru
B M. Gandhi
C Hussain
D None of these
Answer-: B

13. In ancient days the common people enjoyed.
A Courts rule
B Slavery
C Truth home rule
D Foreign rule
Answer-: C

14. The tendency of india civilization is to elevate.
A Immorality
B Partiality
C Moral being
D Dishonesty
Answer-: C

15. India civilization is.
A Godless
B Based on belief in God
C Based on partiality
D Based on matter
Answer-: B

16. Simple living and high thinking is the base of.
A Iranian civilization
B Indian civilization
C American civilization
D European civilization
Answer-: B

17. ….. were rules of Egypt.
A Czars
B Pharaohs
C Kings
D Sultans
Answer-: B

18. Giddin is associated with.
A Italy
B Greece
C Germany
D France
Answer-: A

19. Civilization is the state of development of a.
A People
B Animals
C Bird
D Non living things
Answer-: A

20. Our forefathers did not invent machinery because.
A These have made us pride
B These would have made us lazy.
C These would have made us ignorant
D These would have made us smart
Answer-: B

21. Indian glory is that it is.
A Movable
B Immovable
C Ignorant
D Uncivilized
Answer-: B

22. Is known as the Father of the Nation or Bapu.
A Mahatma Gandhi
B Jawahar lal Nehru
C Sarda patel
D Lal Bahadur shastri
Answer-: A

23. was a spiritual leader than a politician.
A Jawahar Lal Nehru
B Sardar patel
C S. C . Bose
D Mahatama Gandhi
Answer-: D

24. My Experiments with Truth was written by .
A Md. Abul Kalam Azad
B J. L. Nehru
C Sarda patel
D Mahatama Gandhi
Answer-: D

25. The people of Europe learn thief lesson from the writing of the man of.
A Britain
B Garmany
C Spain
D Greece or Rome
Answer-: D

26. The mind is a restless the more it gets the more it wants.
A Dog
B Bird
C Monkey
D Cow
Answer-: B

27. I am no hater of the ( Mahatama Gandhi for I).
A East
B North
C South
D West
Answer-: D

28. The world famous attic civilization is in .
A Green
B Italy
C Spain
D Portugal
Answer-: A

29. Plain living and high things is the mottor of a .
A Eastern philosopher
B Western philosopher
C North philosopher
D Britain
Answer-: B

30. The value of are glittering even today.
A India civilization
B Roman civilization
C Greek civilization
D Chinese civilization
Answer-: A

31. Sacrifice is the sole aim of our.
A Farmers
B Philosopher
C Scientists
D Rishis
Answer-: D

32. Is dead against blind imitation of civilization.
A Gandhi jee
B Nehru
C Patel
D Ambedekar
Answer-: A

33. Viewed large cities as snares and useless encum branches.
A Romans
B Italians
C Germans
D Our ancestors
Answer-: D

34. Were satisfied with small villages.
A Romans
B Our ancestore
C Italians
D Germans
Answer-: B

35. Prefres spiritualism to materialism. 
A Dr. Zakir Hussain
B M. Gandhi
C Dr. Rejendra pd.
D Indira Gandhi
Anwser-: B

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