The earth 🌎 summary

The earth 🌎 summary


The earth ‘ easy a short and important tale which has been written by H.E. Bates. This story shows the tragedy of those parents who have too much trust in their children.the author advises us to do our work ourselve and not to live it on God because God help those who help themselves. In this present story, Johnson was a tenant farmer and he sad some land and a simple minded son named Benjy. He was worried about his son. On the advice of the doctor , he got him some hens to keep him engaged in work. Benjy began his business and . Gradually he learner all the tricks of the trades. He began to earn money by selling eggs. He deposited a lot of mony in the bank account that his father had opened in his name. He purchased the land that belonged to sanders. When he was about farty he married Florence against the wishes of his parents. Florence did not like Benjy’s parents. So she started poisoning his ears against his parents. Believing his wife, Benjy drove away his parents out of their house. Clearly we see that took much trust on his son become the root cause of the tragedy of johnson. 

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