The artist summary


The artist summary


The artist has been written Naoya. He is a well known short story writer of Japan. This story shows how adult crush talents. Seibei , a student of primary school was a talented boy. He spend his time in collaboration gourds. While All children played seibei used to collect gourds in the city. So he know all the place where gourds sold. One day he was going throught a back Street and he saw a cluster of gourds. He bought a hours and since then he never separated that gourd from him. But one they he with that gourd in his school and teacher snatched the gourd from seibie and complained to his father. seibie ‘s father all the gourds which were hung on the wall at seibie ‘s house and scolded him. The teacher gave this gourd to the porter of the school and after two months he sold this gourd to curiodealer for 50 yen and dealer sold it to a collecter for 600 yen. Now seibei is engrossed in making pictures and his father scolds him for this also. Thus this story shows how interest of seibie was crushed. 



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