Now the leaves are falling fast summary

New the leaves are falling fast summary


This poem talks about frustration, lnherent in human life. In this poem author says that ” All aspirations are not full filled .” And in loneliness every individual lives and dies. Now the leaves are falling fast Nurse ‘s flowers will not last Nurses to the graves are gone And the prams go rolling on. Whispering Neighbour, left and right pluck us from the real delight And the active hands must freeze Lonely on the separate knees. Dead in hundreds at the back Follow wooden in our track Arms raised stiffly to reprove In false attitudes of love. Starving throught the leafless wood. Trolls run scolding for their food. And the nightingale is dumb. And the angel will not come. Cold, impossible, ahead Lists the mountains ‘ lovely head Whose white waterfall could bless Travellers in their last distress.

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