Indian civilization and culture vvi subjective Q & Ans..

Indian civilization and culture subjective Q And Ans..


1. What according to the author is modern civilization.
Answer-: The modem civilization is the worship of the material according to the author.

2. What did the author convey to the countrymen about dealing with modern civilization.
Answer-: The author conveyed to the countrymen to keep away from modern civilization that it has indefinite multiplicity of human wants which the author observed.

3. What is the distinguished characteristics of modern civilization.
Answer-: The distinguishing characteristics of modern civilization is an indefinite multiplicity of human wants.

4. What does the author prefer to materialism.
Answer-: Author prefers development along spiritual lines rather than development along material and materialism.

5. What does our civilization depend upon.
Answer-: Our civilization our culture our swaraj depends upon restricting wants and selfdenial.

6. What is civilization in the real sense of the term. 
Answer-: civilization in real sense of term it increases and promotes contentment real happiness and capacity for service.


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