A child is born vvi objective question 12th English


A child is born objective question


1. In banglades is a kind of fairy tales.
A. Rupthoka
B. Supthoka
C. Tupthoka
D. Jupthoka
Answer-: A

2. A child is born in written by.
A. Germains
B. H E Betes
C. Anton p chekhov
D. Shiga Naoya
Answer-: A

3. A woman has to observe various taboos rituals and customs.
A. Pregnant
B. Beautiful
C. Ugly
D. Wicked
Answer-: A

4. Generally a pregnant woman is sent to her home for childbirth.
A. Parents
B. Teacher
C. Doctor
D. Relative
Answer-: A

5. Sylhet woman and her child are given new dress on the day of the birth.
A. 6th
B. 7th
C. 8th
D. 10th
Answer-: B

6. Germains Greer is an writer.
A. Australian
B. India
C. British
D. American
Answer-: A

7. Garlands of were given to a new baby.
A. Flowers and corns
B. Turmeric and garlic
C. Apples and grapes
D. Gram and wheat
Answer-: B

8. In children under the ago of six are looked after by the whole family.
A. Asia
B. America
C. Egypt
D. Russia
Answer-: A

9. Visited an enormous modern hospital ‘s for Bantu patients’ in south africa.
A. Sheila kitzinger
B. Geeta sethi
C. Mamata sen
D. Regini kri
Answer-: A

10. Woman visit her mother’s house during pregnency.
A. An India
B. A sylheti
C. An african
D. A canadian
Answer-: B

11. In banglades ruptoka is a kind of.
A. Sweet dish
B. Bread
C. Fairy tales
D. Spoem
Answer-: C

12. Garmaibs Greer is a famous writer.
A. Educational
B. Scientific
C. Feminist
D. All
Answer-: C

13. On the occasion musical programme is given by.
A. The dance party
B. By the male member of the family
C. By the woman and girl
D. None of these
Answer-: C

14. The ceremony is held.
A. A only for body
B. Only for girl
C. For both by an girl
D. None of these
Answer-: C

15. During pregnancy the best place for the woman is.
A. Hotel
B. In law family
C. Her mother’s house
D. None of these
Answer-: C

16. During pregnancy a woman prefers her mother ‘s house because .
A. She gets proper care there
B. She is neglected
C. She feels freedom there
D. Bone of these
Answer-: A

17. When baby is born it is an occasion of joy for.
A. The mother
B. Father
C. Strange
D. The whole family
Answer-: D

18. The naming ceremony is
A. Bad
B. Lovely
C. Strange
D. None of these
Answer-: B

19. In traditional society a pregnant woman is primarily supported by.
A. Husband
B. Kinsflolk
C. Other member of society
D. None of these
Answer-: A

20. In traditional society a woman lose her own name and is know as mother of her first born child but the west regards it is.
A. Good
B. Beneficial
C. Outrageous
D. None of these
Answer-: C

21. Germain greer was born in.
A. 1919
B. 1929
C. 1939
D. 1949
Answer-: C

22. Germains Greer was educated in
A. Germany
B. Australia
C. U. S. A.
D. England
Answer-: B

23. Traditional method of child birth is accepted.
A. Dearfully
B. Dangerously
C. Culturally and collectives
D. None of these
Answer-: C

24. A woman who observes all the prohibition is a statement taken from
A. I have a dreem
B. Marriage proposal
C. The artist
D. A child is born
Answer-: D

25. The population explosion will taken care of itself is a statement taken from.
A. I have a dream
B. Marriage proposal
C. The artist
D. A child is born
Answer-: D

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