A child is born summary


#A child is born summary


This easy been written by Germains Greer. She was born in 1939 and educated in Australia. Her well – know work includ sex and Destiny , The change etc. In this easy she talks about the was of managing child birth in traditional societies. According to author A mother is kept free from the anxiety if child birth in traditional society. Pregnent woman is supported by her family. In many society women go to live with their mother in – law from mother’s house after marriage. When the birth of a child occurs mother loses her name and is known as the mother of her first child. It is a face that a woman becomes member of that family when the first child born. In this easy writer has also shown how bangladesi woman look after their children. Children under the ago of five or six are looked after by the whole family. A sylheti woman describes that if agirl is lucky and her parents are alive ahe is sent to her mother’s house for the last few mothers of pregnency. There she got a lot of love and care. In south Africa Bantu woman’s case birth of a child of a pregnency lady is far fiom normal. The delivery ward was full of growning women who were laboring alone. Pools of blood lay on the floor. Thus the writer has shown how child birth is conducted in traditional societies and what problems are present in our society regarding child birth.

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