12th English Subjective & Objective Answer Key Monthly Exam 2023


1. How are the ways of managing childbirth in traditional societies useful?
Ans-: They make having a baby less frightening for the pregnant mothers.

2. Name two things that make the reports unreliable reading.
Ans-: The interviewer’s playful habit of making statements himself and attributing them to the interviwer

3. Who had Johnson rented their land from
Ans-: Sanders

4. If at all the soldier dies in the battle, how would he like to be remembered?
Ans-: If he dies in the battle field, he would like to be remembered as a brave soldier who is not afraid of death

5. What does the poet think about ‘beauty’?
Ans-: A Thing of Beauty”. He says that beautiful thing is like an unlimited joy, It remains forever

11. (i) Macavity the Mystery Cat
‘MACAVITY’ has been composed by Eliot. In this poem poet is telling about a mysterious cat that she was not a simple cat. She carries out such work which a simple cat can not do. The poet has called this cat cunning because this cat never stops at the place of incident. According to poet, the cat is tall, wise and thin. Sometimes she does such work which she should not do. She always cheats others. She always attracts others towards herself. The poet likes her personality and cleverness So the poet has called his cat mysterious.

12. (i) A pinch of snuff

A pinch of snuff is a short story written by Manohar Malgaonkar. In this story, Nanukaka is the main character who is indulged in showy and trifling matters. The writer didn’t like the activities of Nanukaka. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to visit some ministers with no reason. When the writer knew from his mother that Nanukaka was to come, he felt annoyance. He was posted as under-secretary on probation in Delhi. He went to the
station to receive Nanukaka. When the train came, Nanukaka was found standing at the door-way of a second class carriage. He had white hair with impressive moustache. He was worn knee length black coat and the red silk pugree. When Nanukaka came to the write’s house, he was given a great regard by the mother of the write. He was going with the writer in the car, and on the way he came across Ratiram. Nanukaka was pleased to know about Ratiram in detail. Nanukaka wanted to impress the persons with false talks. His false intimacy with Hazrat Barkat Ali had baffled the writer. As a matter of fact, the writer was baffled to see the unwanted activities of Nanukaka. At every place, he told lies. He placed him as an astrologer and important personality. The writer Manohar Malgaonkar has sketched his activities in lively and explicit manner.

13. Write a short note on the future of English in India.
Ans-: In India, the future of English is bright and hopeful. This language functions as a link language of the country. Due to it, different people have come on one platform. We know that there are different religions, castes, and creeds present in India. English has played an important role in establishing coordination among them. It has also played a vital role in uplifting the economy of the country. The scientific inventions and discoveries are made and recorded in the English language. Without English, the country can’t achieve the fast growth in any economic sector. Due to globalization, the future of English in India is bright. The English language has generated a great number of jobs in our country. For an example, a number of call centres are providing employment to young generation. Really the future of English in India is bright and fruitful.

12th English Monthly Exam Answer key 2023

1 A 11 D 21 C
2 B 12 22 B
3 A 13 C 23 A
4 C 14 D 24 B
5 B 15 C 25 D
6 D 16 26 A
7 A 17 B 27 A
8 B 18 A 28 B
9 A 19 C 29 B
10 C 20 B 30 B
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