12th English objective & Subjective Answer key Sent-up Exam 2023

12th English Answer key Sent-up Exam 2023

12th English Answer Key Sent-up Exam 2023 BSEB


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12th English Subjective Answer Sent-Up Exam 2024

1. (a) Unity is strength Essay-150 Words –: The proverb “Unity is Strength’ shows the value of unity in life. Unity helps us in enjoying every moment of life. In the good moments of a marriage, in the sad moments of sickness and death, it is the unity of the well wishers that makes the pleasure great and despair less. A united family, a united society or a united nation is always powerful. The story of the farmer and his quarrelling sons is well know to everyone. The sons could easily break each stick separately. But when the sticks were tied into a bundle, nobody could break the bundle. We can learn the same lesson from an army. The strength of an army is the strength of all the soldiers acting together as one. Similarly, the success of a hockey team or cricket team is the result of united efforts. We should follow this principle in our personal lives. We should never indulge in quarrel with our friends and relatives.

2. (C) At mother’s insistence, I had taken two days leave from the office and in the afternoon, I drove Nanukaka to the North Block’
Ans- These lines have been taken from “A pinch of snuff” which is written by Manohar Malgaonkar. His maternal uncle is coming to Delhi to see a minister. The author doesn’t want to take leave for him but his mother insisted him to take two day’s leave for him. His mother tells him that he will help Nanukaka in seeing the minister because he is an under secretary. So he drives him to North block.

3. (D) Whose white waterfall could bless Travellers in their last distress.
Ans-: The given extract has been taken from the poem ‘Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast’, Composed by W.H. Auden. The poet says through the extract that the death provides silence and peace like white waterfalls who produce inner pleasant and peace, so gets the travellers of death.



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