Macavity the mystery cat vvi subjective question class-12th English

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Macavity the mystery cat

vvi subjective question 

Class 12th English


1. Why does the poet call macavity mystery cat. 

Answer-: The poet calls macavity a mystery cat because he commits many crime but on one can arrest him. 


2. What are the adjective that have been used to describe macavity’s character.

Answer-: Macavity has been described as a mystery cat the hidden paw the master criminal. bafflement of Scotland yard a monster of depravity and Napolean of crime. 


3. Why is macavity termed a criminal. 

Answer-: Macavity is termed a criminal because he commites all sorts of crimes.


4. What is suggested by the phrase powers of levitation. 

Answer-: This power of defying the law of gravity is called power of levitation.

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