How free is the press vvi subjective Q and Ans..

How free is the press subjective question

1. What do free people take for granted.
Answer-: All free people take for granted that without a free press their can be no free people. It is a reality.

2. What do you mean by the term free press ‘ or what does the freedom of the press mean.
Answer-: We usually mean freedom of the press in a very technical and restricted sense namely freedom from direction or censorship by the government.

3. Who is the master the state or the people.
Answer-: In real sense between the state and the people , people are master. State is but the people’s servant.

4. What are the two basis assumption about the public.
Answer-: The two basic assumptions about the public are ( a) that they have not the wit to distinguish truth from falsehood (b) that they do not care at all that a statement is false.

5. Why do books rarely criticise press.
Answer-: Books rarely criticise the press because they may be unfavourably not noticed or silently ignored by the readers.



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