class 12th English Summary BSEB Exam 2024

class 12th English Summary BSEB Exam 2024


indian civilization and culture

Mahatma Gandhi has expressed his idea on Indian civilization and culture. He felt that India has developed such civilization that cannot be defeated in the world. That is based on healthy foundation which our ancestors have sown seed. Greek, Rome and others have no any stable civilization, as a result its existence is not now. But India has maintained its past glory. Indian civilization is based on solid foundation. This is stable. Many people think that the Indians are uncivilized, ignorant and low witted. But such idea is baseless. Gandhi observed that civilization is a mode of character and in real means, it inspires towards performance of duty and follows morality. It is necessary to control on mind and desire. It is fact that desire is uncontrolled. A rich person can’t be happy or a poor person can be happy. Men of this country searched for real happiness of life. Health remains in proper use of hand and leg. In this country, ethic and homily of greet saints are considered more important than leisure. The tendency of Indian civilization has to raise morality. Gandhi ji didn’t hate the western civilization. Modern inventions have made people slave and dependent on machine. If people adopt European civilization, it will destroy inner power. Simple life and high thinking is principle of the Indian civilization.

A pinch of snuff

A pinch of snuff is a short story written by Manohar Malgaonkar. In this story, Nanukaka is the main character who is indulged in showy and trifling matters. The writer didn’t like the activities of Nanukaka. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to visit some ministers with no reason. When the writer knew from his mother that Nanukaka was to come, he felt annoyance. He was posted as under-secretary on probation in Delhi. He went to the . station to receive Nanukaka. When the train came, Nanukaka was found standing at the door-way of a second class carriage. He had white hair with impressive moustache. He was worn knee length black coat and the red silk pugree. When Nanukaka came to the write’s house, he was given a great regard by the mother of the write. He was going with the writer in the car, and on the way he came across Ratiram. Nanukaka was pleased to know about Ratiram in detail. Nanukaka wanted to impress the persons with false talks. His false intimacy with Hazrat Barkat Ali had baffled the writer. As a matter of fact, the writer was baffled to see the unwanted activities of Nanukaka. At every place, he told lies. He placed him as an astrologer and important personality. The writer Manohar Malgaonkar has sketched his activities in lively and explicit manner.


Ideas that have helped mankind

‘Ideas that have helped mankind’ has been written by Bantred Arthur William Russell. He was a multi-creator and an explainer. in his essay, he has described thoughts and inventions. This inventions and thoughts have enhanced intellectual and moral qualities of human being. They have made their lives civilized because of it, human life has become safe and more comfortable; Man could increase his population due to his wisdom. The invention of fire, taming animals, the development of language, the art of writing and press have raised human being from the barbaric condition to the civilized condition, All the things have made us superior to animals. Still he says that our work is yet incomplete. we have to overcome fear worry and starvation. We have to spread peace and brotherhood in the world. We have to be free from hatred and jealousy. Only then we can be called completely civilized.

Write the summary of anyone of the following poems

sweetest love do not goe

This poem has been written by john Donne. In this poem the poet tells the power of the true love. He describes it with the help of his own life. The poet is parting with his beloved not because he has become fed up with her or he hopes get a better love. The poet assures his beloved that he will return just as the sun comes back every day. The poet expresses his love in strong words. He further says that even if he dies, he will be present in her. So there is no question of separation. Thus the poet expresses his divine love for his beloved. He finally concludes that love is immortal.


Ode To Autumn

‘Ode To Autumn’ has been composed by John Keates. He was a main poet of the modern era in the English language and literature. In this poem, the poet has described the beauty of nature during the autumn season. During this period, leaves and fruits grow on the tree. This period presents the beautiful scene of nature. Blowing air appears very pleasant. In the eye of the poet, fruits ripe in this very season. Really the beauty of nature remains present around the environment. During Autumn, birds chirp and sing.



‘MACAVITY’ has been composed by Eliot. In this poem poet is telling about a mysterious cat that she was not a simple cat. She carries out such work which a simple cat can not do. The poet has called this cat cunning because this cat never stops at the place of incident. According to poet, the cat is tall, wise and thin. Sometimes she does such work which she should not do. She always cheats others. She always attracts others towards herself. The poet likes her personality and cleverness So the poet has called his cat mysterious.


Write a short note on English as a world/international/global language.                            (C)

Ans-: English has become an international language in the era of today. All the countries of the world use this language on great scale. Any country can not go ahead without English because English is a link language between two countries. Any language is not so popular as English. Big businessmen use the English language for the expansion of their work. It is considered that in all the countries of the world, English has been accepted as an official language. Without this language, any person can not express his feelings before the people of other country. So it is a global language.

Write a short note on the future of English in India.

Ans-: In India, the future of English is bright and hopeful. This language functions as a link language of the country. Due to it, different people have come on one platform. We know that there are different religions, castes, and creeds present in India. English has played an important role in establishing coordination among them. It has also played a vital role in uplifting the economy of the country. The scientific inventions and discoveries are made  and recorded in the English language. Without English, the country can’t achieve the fast growth in any economic sector. Due to globalization, the future of English in India is bright. The English language has generated a great number of jobs in our country. For an example, a number of call centres are providing employment to young generation. Really the future of English in India is bright and fruitful.

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