A pinch of snuff vvi subjective Q and Ans…

A pinch of snuff subjective Q and Ans..


1. The under secretary always obeyed nanukaka although he was never willing to do so why.
Answer-: The under secretary always obeyed nanukaka though he was not willing to do so because nanukaka was the brother of his mother.

2. This tie and collar business is no good these days what did nanukaka mean to say.
Answer-: In these lines nanukaka had narrated the importance of our traditional dress such as close collar jodhpur coat and turban.

3. How did nanukaka impress sohanlal Ratiram.
Answer-: Nanukaka started describing about his VIP status in a very loud voice. He talked about foreign tours and contacts with politicians and minister. Then he talked about hazrat Barkat Ali and this impressed Sohanlal.

4. What important information did he collect at ratiram’s place.
Answer-: The important information nanukaka collected at Ratiram ‘s place was that after refusing the proposal of marriage of his daughter to sohanlal’s son the welfare minister had decided to marry his daughter to the prince of ninnore.

5. Who is a prince do we have any prince now if yes do they enjoy the same privileges which they used to.
Answer-: A prince is the son of the king no we do not have any prince no they can’t enjoy the same privileges they used to.

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