A pinch of snuff vvi objective question 12th English

A pinch of snuff objective question


1. Seibei was japanese boy. 
A Ten years old
B Eleven years old
C Twelve years old
D Thirteen years old
Answer-: C

2. Seibei was passionately interested in
A Gourds
B Lady’ s finger
C Onions
D Pumpkins
Answer-: A

3. The curio dealer paid for the confiscated gourd.
A 50 yen
B 12 yen
C 25 yen
D 16 yen
Answer-: A

4. Seibei hobby was collecting of.
A Lady’ s finger
B Pumpkins
C Gourds
D Onions
Answer-: C

5. The artist is written by.
A Germaine gree
B Shiga Noaya
C Anton Chekwov
D H. E. Bates
Answer-: B

6. Shiga Naoya is awriter.
A Japanese
B Chinese
C Indian
D Bhutanese
Answer-: A

7. Seibei bought a inch gourd from an old woman.
A 5
B 4
C 3
D 6
Answer-: A

8. One day seibei was caught red handed by his teacher.
A Physics
B Math
C Hindi
D Ethics
Answer-: D

9. The teacher become very with seibei for neglecting his studies.
A Happy
B Angry
C Sad
D Friendly
Answer-: B

10. To my mind injustice was done to.
A Reibei
B Seibei
C Kheibei
D Jueikai
Answer-: B

11. Seibei got gourds for a few.
A Sen
B Taken
C Rupes
D Dollar
Answer-: A

12. Seibei lived in a town.
A Busy
B Dirty
C Religious
D Harbour
Answer-: D

13. Seibei readers at school.
A Primary
B Middle
C High school
D +2 school
Answer-: A

14.Was selling dried permimmons and oranges.
A An old man
B And old woman
C A boy
D A girl
Answer-: B

15. The price of the inches gourd is.
A Five sen
B Ten sen
C Nine sen
D Eleven Sen
Answer-: B

16. You are an idiot” shouted.
A The teacher
B The doctor
C The principal
D The father
Answer-: A

17. Seibei father worked at shop.
A Blacksmith’ s
B Goldsmith’ s
C Carpenter’ s
D Barber’ s
Answer-: C

18. Bawled at seibei.
A His father
B His teacher
C His mother
D His father’ s friend
Answer-: A

19. Fetched his hammer an systematically smashed gourds.
A Seibei
B His father
C His mother
D His teacher
Answer-: B

20. The teacher gave seibei’ s confiscated gourd to an old.
A Porter
B Man
C Woman
D Teacher
Answer-: A

21. The porter sold the gourd seibei of yen.
A 40
B 30
C 60
D 50
Answer-: D

22. The curio dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for yen.
A 600
B 500
C 1000
D 100
Answer-: A

23. Liked even a symmetrical gourd.
A Seibei
B Raju
C Mohan
D John
Answer-: A

24. The artist is.
A An essay
B A poetry
C A short story
D A drama
Answer-: C

25. Is a short story.
A India through the traveller’ s eyes
B The artist
C A child is born
D Bharet is my home
Answer-: B

26. Seibei hobby of collection gourd made his teacher.
A Happy
B Angry
C Sad
D Friendly
Answer-: B

27. Seibei’ parents knew that he often went out to buy himeself.
A Potatoes
B Orange
C Apples
D Gourds
Answer-: D

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