12th English vvi objective question part-3


1—Give one word substitution for:
‘A Person who present a radio/television programme;
A. Astonaut
B. Anthropologist
C. Anchor
D. Archer

2—His honesty and faithfulness……
A. is
B. has
C. are
D. have

3—He is happy of being here.
(Choose the correct antonym of the underline word.)
A. First
B. Sad
C. Jolly
D. Excited

4—Ram said to shyam,“What are you reading?”
(Choose the correct indirect narration.)
A. Ram asked Shyam what he was reading.
B. Ram told Shyam what he is reading.
C.Ram is asking Shyam about his reading book.
D. Ram said to shyam as what he was reading.

5—Choose the correctly spelt word:

6—You need to buy……… dictionary.(Choose the correct option)
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article

7—Choose the correct sentence:
A. She will return to India tomorrow.
B. She had received to India tomorrow.
C. She has already received to India tomorrow.
D. She had received to India tomorrow.

8—…………..Is bad for health.(Choose the correct option)
A. Smoke
B. To Smoking
C. Smoked
D. Smoking

9—Holi is…………….important festival. (Choose the correct artiele)
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article

10— Choose the correctly spelt word:
A. Acteul
B. Actuel
C. Actual
D. Akchual

11— I will never forget this experience.(Choose the correct passive voice)
A. This explorer cannot be forgotten by me.
B. This experience would never be forgotten by me.
C. This experience will never be forgotten by me.
D. This experience had never been forgotten by me.

12— One who dies for a noble cause is a: (Choose the correct option)
A. Martyr
B. Patriot
C. Mercenary
D. Robber

13— He is attentive………….. his duty. (Choose the correct preposition)
A. to
B. by
C. for
D. of

14—When I finished my work, l asked………. teacher to check it.
(Choose the best option)
A. I
B. her
C. my
D. their

15— Those are probably the…………. furniture in the showroom.
(Choose the best option)
A. I
B. her
C. for
D. of

16—They made her……….a new contract.(Choose the correct option)
A. sign
B. to sign
C. signing
D. signed

17—Catching the earlier train will give us the………to do some shopping.(Choose the correct option)
A. chance
B. luck
C. possibility
D. occasion

18—Reshma bought what she wanted,……………?
(Choose the correct question tag)
A. won’t she
B. can’t she
C. can she
D. didn’t she

19—The synonym of ‘show is (Choose the correct option)
A. Abrupt
B. Forbid
C. Silent
D. Exhibit

20—By whom was the bird killed?(Choose the correct active voice)
A.Who killed the bird?
B. Who has killed the bird?
C. Who killed the bird?
D. Bird killed by whom?

21—The antonym of ‘Natural’ (Choose the correct option)
A. Golden
B. Beautiful
C. Bright
D. Artificial

22—Our path is beset…….difficulties.(Choose the correct preposition)
A. to
B. from
C. with
D. in

23—I…………. You to read the book carefully.(Choose the correct option)
A. advise
B. tell
C. advice
D. had advise

24—………I could sing, would have sung.(Choose the correct option)
B. Until
C. Because
D. Till

25—Choose the correct option:
A. Which came first, chicken or egg?
Which came first,a chicken or an egg?
C. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
D. Which came first,an chicken or an egg

26— The flat caught fire.All the things were burnt.
(Choose the correct combination)
A. The flat caught fire and all the things was burnt
B. The flat having caught fire, all the things were burnt
C. All the things was burnt when the flat caught fire
D. All the things was burnt, the flat caught fire

27— He is a man of………..(choose the correct option)
A. Script
B. Letters
C. Words
D. Text

28—we met a lot of people……..our holidays (choose the correct preposition)
A. On
B. In
C. During
D. At

29—choose the correctly spelt word:
A. Acquatance
B. Acquaintace
C. Acqueintence
D. Acquantance

30— choose the correct synonym of change:
A. Alter
B. Renew
C. Review
D. Repeat

31— Is there……… money in your pocket (choose the correct option)
A. Much
B. More
C. Any
D. Many

32— choose the odd one:
A. Fox
B. Leopard
C. Pigeon
D. Lion

33— Bring….. inkpot for me (choose the correct article)
A. A
B. An
C. The
D. No article

34— He lives in a two……… house (choose the correct option)
A. Story
B. Building
C. Storeyed
D. Block

35— John or mary………gone to Kolkata. (Choose the correct option)
A. Is
B. Has
C. Have
D. Were

36— Pravin rode straight……… the arena.(choose the correct preposition)
A. Into
B. In
C. With
D. At

37—I would have bought a new car for,her but it……………..too expensive.(Choose the correct option)
B. are
C. was
D. can

38— The aeroplane flies faster than birds.(Choose the correct negative sentence)
A. The aeroplane does not fly faster than birds.
B. The aeroplane flies not faster than birds.
C. The aeroplane cannot fly faster than birds.
D. The aeroplane cannot fly faster than birds.

39— He was brought……..by his aunt after his mother,s death.(choose the correct preposition)
A. In
B. Of
C. Up
D. By

40— Choose the incorrect sentence:
A. Holi falls in March
B. Do you like cricket
C. He speaks English
D. We saw deers in the zoo

41— keep quiet we……..to the radio. (Choose the correct option)
A. Are listening
B. Listen
C. Will listen
D. Listened

42— choose the correctly spelt word
A. Futher
B. Ferther
C. Further
D. Fruther

43— This nonsense will not be tolerated by me.(choose the correct active voice)
A. Will I never tolerate this nonsense
B. I will not tolerate this nonsense
C. I had not tolerated this nonsense
D. Nonsense will not be tolerated by I

44— we……. keep our country free form recial prejudices (choose the best auxiliary verb)
A. Have
B. Could
C. Are
D. Should

45— Have you…….him. (choose the correct tense form)
A. Saw
B. See
C. Had seen
D. Seen

46— He told the boy not to sit there. (Choose the correct direct narration)
A. Doesn’t sit there” he said to the boy
B. Didn’t sit there”he said to the boy
C. Didn’t sit there”he said to the boy
D. Don’t sit here”he said to the boy

47— Do you…….. your first teacher. (Choose the correct tense form)
A. Remembered
B. Remembering
C. Remember
D. Will remember

48— After his death the seat remained vacant. (Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word)
A. Empty
B. Real
C. Abusive
D. Spirit

49— He has…….. the prize (choose the correct option)
A. Wins
B. Win
C. Will win
D. Won

50— Choose the correct sentence:
A. You can vote only when you are eighteen
B. You vote simply when eighteen
C. You can vote till you are eighteen
D. You vote as you are eighteen

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