12th 100 marks English vvi objective question part-4

1. Dr. Zakir Hussain was the……… President of India. (Choose the correct option) 

   A. first

   B. second

   C. third

   D. fourth        



 2. Dr. Zakir Hussain considers Bharat his: (Choose the correct option)

   A. home

   B. country

   C. dream

   D. none of these      



 3. I Have a Dream is : (Choose the correct option)

   A. story 

   B. essay 

   C. speech

   D. none of these   



 4. Pharaohs were the rules of ancient : Choose the correct clause)

   A. China

   B. Burma

   C. Egypt   

   D. Shri Lanka        



 5. My Experiment with Truth is written by : (Choose the correct option)

   A. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

   B. Jawahar Lal Nehru

   C. Sardar Patel

   D. Mahatma Gandhi       



 6. Macavity is a:

   A. cat

   B. rat

   C. pig

   D. lion         



 7. I Have a Dream is written by …..

   A. Amitabh Ghost

   B. Martin Luther King Jr. 

   C. Pearl S. Buck

   D. HE. Bates       



 8. Civilization taught us …….

   A. to be rude or cruel 

   B. to be unlawful 

   C. to be human 

   D. to be inhuman        



 9. One day Seibel was caught red handed by his ……. teacher:

   A. Ethics

   B. English

   C. Mathematics

   D. Hindi       



 10. The price of the five inches grourd is ………  

   A. ten sen

   B. five sen

   C. nine sen

   D. eleven sen       



 11. Smack is written by ………..

    A. D. H Lawrence 

    B. Kamala Das

    C. John Jonne

    D. Walt Whitman       



 12. con Keki N. Daruwalla is an poet:

   A. Indo-Anglican

   B. German

   C. Russia 

   D. Italian         



 13. “How Free is the Press” is written by ……. 

    A. H.E. Bateas

    B. Dr. Zakir Hussain

    C. Dorothy L Sayers

    D. Kamala Das        



 14. The snake met the poet near his ……

   A. water trough

   B. cot

   C. sofa

   D. motor car      



 15. Kamala Das remembers the happy days spent in the sweet company of her

   A. sister

   B. daughter

   C. mother

   D. grandmother        



 16. Macavity disappears from the place of theft before the ……….. reach there :

    A. army 

    B. homeguards

    C. police

    D. police        



 17. Negroes are the farmers ………. of America:

   A. slaves 

   B. masters

   C. dictator

   D. farmers        



18. Martin Luther King Jr. belong to ……..

   A. India. 

   B. China

   C. France 

   D. The U.S.A       



 19. Seibei bought a …….. inch gourd from an old woman

   A. four

   B. six

   C eight

   D. five     



20. The place were the soldier would be buried should be treated as the part of ………… after his death:

   A. France

   B. India

   C. England

   D. Russia       



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