🌎The artist vvi objective question 12th English

The artist objective question


1. Seibei was japanese boy.
A. Ten years old
B. Eleven years old
C. Twelve years old
D. Thirteen years old
Answer-: C

2. Seibei was passionately interested in
A. Gourds
B. Lady’ s finger
C. Onions
D. Pumpkins
Answer-: A

3. The curio dealer paid for the confiscated gourd.
A. 50 yen
B. 12 yen
C. 25 yen
D. 16 yen
Answer-: D


4. Seibei hobby was collecting of.
A. Lady’ s finger
B. Pumpkins
C. Gourds
D. Onions
Answer-: C

5. The artist is written by.
A. Germaine gree
B. Shiga Noaya
C. Anton Chekwov
D. H. E. Bates
Answer-: B

6. Shiga Naoya is awriter.
A. Japanese
B. Chinese
C. Indian
D. Bhutanese
Answer-: A

7. Seibei bought a inch gourd from an old woman.
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 6
Answer-: A

8. One day seibei was caught red handed by his teacher.
A. Physics
B. Math
C. Hindi
D. Ethics
Answer-: D

9. The teacher become very with seibei for neglecting his studies.
A. Happy
B. Angry
C. Sad
D. Friendly
Answer-: B

10. To my mind injustice was done to.
A. Reibei
B. Seibei
C. Kheibei
D. Jueikai
Answer-: B

11. Seibei got gourds for a few.
A. Sen
B. Taken
C. Rupes
D. Dollar
Answer-: A

12. Seibei lived in a town.
A. Busy
B. Dirty
C. Religious
D. Harbour
Answer-: D

13. Seibei readers at school.
A. Primary
B. Middle
C. High school
D. +2 school
Answer-: A

14.Was selling dried permimmons and oranges.
A. An old man
B. And old woman
C. A boy
D. A girl
Answer-: B

15. The price of the inches gourd is.
A. Five sen
B. Ten sen
C. Nine sen
D. Eleven Sen
Answer-: B

16. You are an idiot” shouted.
A. The teacher
B. The doctor
C. The principal
D. The father
Answer-: A

17. Seibei father worked at shop.
A. Blacksmith’ s
B. Goldsmith’ s
C. Carpenter’ s
D. Barber’ s
Answer-: C

18. Bawled at seibei.
A. His father
B. His teacher
C. His mother
D. His father’ s friend
Answer-: A

19. Fetched his hammer an systematically smashed gourds.
A. Seibei
B. His father
C. His mother
D. His teacher
Answer-: B

20. The teacher gave seibei’ s confiscated gourd to an old.
A. Porter
B. Man
C. Woman
D. Teacher
Answer-: A

21. The porter sold the gourd seibei of yen.
A. 40
B. 30
C. 60
D. 50
Answer-: D

22. The curio dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for yen.
A. 600
B. 500
C. 1000
D. 100
Answer-: A

23. Liked even a symmetrical gourd.
A. Seibei
B. Raju
C. Mohan
D. John
Answer-: A

24. The artist is.
A. An essay
B. A poetry
C. A short story
D. A drama
Answer-: C

25. Is a short story.
A. India through the traveller’ s eyes
B. The artist
C. A child is born
D. Bharet is my home
Answer-: B

26. Seibei hobby of collection gourd made his teacher.
A. Happy
B. Angry
C. Sad
D. Friendly
Answer-: B

27. Seibei’ parents knew that he often went out to buy himeself.
A. Potatoes
B. Orange 
C. Apples
D. Gourds
Answer-: D

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