🌎Indian through a traveller’s Eye vvi subjective Q and Ans..

Indian through a traveller’s Eye subjective Q and Ans..

1. Why was the land between Bombay and madrash famished.
Answer-: The land between Bombay and Madras was famished because the sun was hot there was no water to irrigate the land.

2. Why did the Indian always blame the british for their sufferings.
Answer-: The Indians always blamed the british for their sufferings because the british governed them.

3. Who was the real master of the house where buck visited.
Answer-: The real master of the house was not the activ master of the family but the elder brother of the house where buck visited.

4. What does she mean by saying religion is ever parents in indian life.
Answer-: Religion is ever parents in indian life”means the life of Indians full of religious value.

5. What are her views on the Christmas missionaries.
Answer-: She expresses her views on Christmas missionaries that whatever they believe they preach accordingly.



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