🆕12th English vvi objective part-2


51— ………he went for a walk. (Choose the correct phrase)
A. Along
B. All in all
C. As usual
D. After all

52— I cannot give you money……. I have none ( choose the correct option)
A. For
B. And
C. If
D. By

53—Rules……….be observed at all costs.(choose the correct auxiliary verb)
A. Should
B. Can
C. Might
D. May

54— She has learned her lessons.(choose the correct passive voice)
A. Her lessons has learned by her
B. Her lessons has been learned by her
C. Her lessons learnt by her
D. Her lessons have been learned by her

55— He introduced me……… his relatives.(choose the correct preposition)
A. With
B. On
C. To
D. By

56— She met her mother.she was glad. (Choose the correct combination)
A. She was glad to meet her mother
B. She met her mother and was glad
C. She was glad and met her mother
D. She and her mother were glad

57— He told me, “are you hungry” (choose the correct indirect speech)
A. He was asking me if I am hungry
B. He asked me if I was hungry
C. He said to me if I was hungry
D. He questioned me about my hungry

58— you……. give up smoking.(choose the correct option)
A. Must
B. Used
C. Had
D. Have

59— Success depends……. hard labour.(choose the correct preposition)
A. By
B. Of
C. In
D. On

60— He……..a thief last night.(choose the correct option)
A. Have seen
B. Seeing
C. Saw
D. Seen

61— Who wrote the piece,why I am not a Christian.
A. Bertrand Russell
B. Shigha naoya
C. Dorothy L. Sayers
D. Pearl S.Buck

62— Seibi was passionately interested in.
A. Baskets
B. Carrots
C. Gourds
D. Potatoes

63—All technological changes eause…. Problems.
A.. Social
B. Behavioural
C. Industrial
D. Personal

64— Benjy understood about the business of
A. Education
B. Hens
C. Homes
D. Fruits

65— In which poem does the poet express his sad feeling for a beautiful lady. (Choose the correct option)
A. To autumn
B. The soldier
C. An epitaph
D. Fire hymn

66—……..is remembered as a war poet.(choose the correct option)
A. Rupert brooke
B. T. S. Eliot
C. D. H. Lawrence
D. Walter de la mare

67—who finds macavity lazy and half asleep ( choose the correct option)
A. Kamala das
D.william blake

68—d. h.lawrence exalts the values of primitive life in ( choose the correct option)
A. Snake
B.fire- hymn
C.song of myself
D.my grandmother’s house

69–’ now the leaves are falling fast, talks about the of human life .

70—,thou watchest the last oozings hours by hours.is from
A.song of myself
B.an epitaph
C.ode to autumn

71— ‘And when I crumble who will remember; Who is ‘I’ in the line
A. Poet
B. Lady
C. Child
D. Mother

72— ‘In hearts at peace, under an English heaven’ is from
A. Ode to autumn
B. Snake
C. An Epitaph
D. The soldier

73— The Gujarati equivalent for civilization means (Choose the correct option)
A.bad conduct
B. intelligent contact
C. Good contact
D. delightful contact

74— Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to (Choose the correct option)
A. See some people
B. See some minister
C. See his sister
D. See some relatives

75—Works include ‘Leaves of Grass’ and ‘Drum Taps;
A. Walt Whitman’s
C. T.S.Eliot’s
D. Walter de la mare’s

76—Who ‘run scolding fot their food:’in ‘Now the Leaves are falling fast’? (Choose the correct option)
A. Trolls
B. Lions
C. Animals
D. Birds

77—Some of the immediate and brilliant results of modern in ventions are too maddeening to resis; is from (Choose the correct option)
A.Bharat is My Home
B. A pinch of snuff
C. Indian Civilization and Culture
D. Indian That Have Helped Mankind

78—India was a part of the background of (Choose the correct option)
A. The doctor’s life
B. The wife’s life
C. The kashmiri man’s life
D. Pearl S. Buck’s life

79— Emancipation proclamation gave the Negro (Choose the correct option)
A. Slavery
B. Freedom from slavery
C. Captivity
D. Despair

80—Bertrand Russell was also a (Choose the correct option)
B. Dramatist
C. Mathematician
D. Geologist

81—When we speak of ‘the freedom of the press’, We usually mean freedom in a……….sense.
A. broad
B. Legal
C. technical
D. Social

82—’A Marriage proposal’ is a
A. tragedy
B. Satire
C. tragi-comedy
D. Comedy

83—Donne studied law and read
A. theology
B. drama
C. Philosophy
D. novels

84— ‘I celebrate myself, and sing myself,…….’is from
B. Ode to autumn
C. Song to Myself
D. Now the leaves are falling fast

85— English language is………. than Sanskrit and Persian.(Choose the correct option)
A. Older
B. Younger
C. elder
D. oldest

86—The word ‘drama’ comes from ………. word.(Choose the correct option)
A. Latin
B. Green
C. Scandinavian
D. Pali

87— Who wrote, The scholar Gypsy’?(Choose the correct option)
A. Matthew Arnold
B. W. B. Yeats
C. Robert Bridges
D. Thomas Hardy

88—………..is called the father of modern novel.(Choose the correct option)
A. Richardson
B. Fielding
C. Johnson
D. Dryden

89—Goldsmith and Sheridan made contributions to the
A. Novel
B. Non-fiction writing
C. Poetry
D. English stage

90— wole Soyinka is a………. poet.
A. Nigerian
B. American
C. Indian
D. British

91—The Old English period is characterised by
A. Vocabulary
B. mood
C. inflections
D. gender

92— A major linguistic change in English is
A. The great vowel shift
B. Received pronunciation
C. Language change
D. Vocabulary shift

93—Cilvilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty.”is from
A. Indian Civilization and culture
B. A child is born
C. A Marriage proposal
D.Bharat is My Home

94— The people have chosen to make me the head of this family for a certain time.who says this.
A. Dr. Zakir Hussain
B. Kamala Das
C. Pearl S. Buck
D. Manohar Malgaonkar

95— Who travelled free with Nanukaka
A. Dog
B. Rabbit
C. Hen
D. Kitten
Answer-: D

96— Martin Luther King Jr. Asks the black people to continue working with
A. Love
B. Hatred
C. Faith
D. Jealousy
Answer-: A

97— Macavity: the mystery cat has been taken from
A. Old Alan’s Book of cats
B. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
C. Young Arthur ‘s Cats
D. Young Mathew’s Dogs and cats
Answer-: B

98— Crossing of Rivers’ is an important volume of verse Written by
A. Jayanta Mahapatra
B. Kamala Das
C. Keki N. Daruwala
D. Nissim Ezekiel
Answer-: C

99— He lifted his head form his drinking’ is from
A. Snake
B. Song of myself
C. Ode to Autumn
D. An Epitaph
Answer-: A

100— Who Wrote’ Huckleberry Finn
A. Herman Melville
B. Henry James
C. Earnest Hemingway
D. Mark Twain
Answer-: D

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