🌎A marriage proposal vvi subjective Q and Ans..

A marriage proposal subjective Q and Ans….

1. What does choobookov say about lomov’ s father and grandfather.
Answer-: Choobookov abused lomov’ s father a grandfather. He said to him that his grandfather would drink like a fish and his father was a gamble and he looked like a pig while eating.

2. Why does lomov refer to the land settlement.
Answer-: Lomov refers to the land settlement because he claims that the ox meadows belongs to him and to settle the dispute he told to go to the land settlement court. Ox meadow.

3. Why does Natalia cry and weep to know that lomov has come to propose to her.
Answer-: Natalia cries and weeps because the proposal of marriage is not discussed. She was quite unaware of the fact that lomov had come for the marriage proposal which she later knew.



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